Custom Beds

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Custom Made Beds

Custom-made beds are the most efficient beds of all time. These beds are made specifically to suit a customer’s needs. It’s manufactured with the highest-quality durable materials but with a unique style and specification. The size is also custom-made according to the size of the room and one’s needs. When constructed precisely for a room’s specifications, custom-made beds add to the room’s aesthetic and appeal.

Risala Carpentry

One of the best places to have all your carpentry and furniture needs is Risala Carpentry. It specialises in all needs around furniture. They offer you the best quality furniture with the best aftercare installation services. They can create anything specifically for you. Everything would be according to your desire, from the size of the custom bed to the upholstery choices. Risala also offers free installation and after-sale services. 

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Some of the best custom beds in the market:

  • Bed frame with adjustable height: It can be customised for individuals who have trouble sleeping by providing a range of pressure-relieving spots at the push of a button. Both the foot and head of the bed can be raised or lowered to suit your needs.
  • Bunk beds: It’s a frequent sight in children’s bedrooms when one bed is stacked on another. It’s a great way to make the most of a little area, and a ladder makes getting to the upper bunk a breeze.
  • Beds with trundles: Another one-of-a-kind bed for the kids’ room. It features a built-in bed that can be dragged out from beneath it.
  • Day beds: This is a popular sight in living rooms, and it resembles a sofa but can simply be changed into a bed. It’s ideal for movie evenings; it has got you covered whether you want to recline, relax, or sleep.
    • Poster beds: Poster beds have four vertical columns on each corner of the bed. The length and style of the columns may vary.
  • Canopy: Canopy beds are similar to poster beds, however, they have a canopy. It’s a unique approach to choosing a ceiling for your bed.
  • Storage beds: As the name implies, they are beds with concealed storage compartments in the form of drawers or even cabinets located outside the bed frame.
    • French beds: These are opulent beds with specific attention paid to the upholstered headboards. It often features foam back supports that are supported by a hardwood frame. It’s a fantastic option for your suites.
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  • Pallet beds: Pallets may be used to make a platform to set your bed mattress. Additionally, wheels can be fitted. Pallets allow you to determine the bed’s position, whether it is on a level surface or a raised platform; it may be placed anywhere.

There are many more varieties of beds available, but these will give you an idea of what is available in the market. So order your custom bed today with Risala Carpentry and be ready to be amazed by our awe-inspiring quality of work and service. We aim to maximise customer satisfaction without compromising the quality of our products and services.