Bed Furniture

Different Types of Beds.

Buying your bed might be difficult for you. You might have figured out exactly what size you need. It is not necessary that everyone knows about the King sized or Queen sized beds out there in the market. You need to be perfectly well aware of different sizes and types of beds. This would enable you to make decisions, so with this in mind, let’s have a look.

Different types of beds by Size


The single model is the smallest one. It measures 36 x 75 inches. It’s geared towards furnishing rooms for toddlers and for children. You are likely to use it until your kids reach high school.


The twin model is slightly wider than the single bed. It is three inches wider, coming 39 x 75 inches total size. It’s much used for the same purposes as the single bed.

Twin XL

The twin XL is slightly longer than the twin model and it comes with a length of 80 inches. It’s used to furnish children’s rooms; moreover, due to the length it’s usually good enough for a child until high school. 


The double model measures 54 x 74 inches; it’s a great choice for bigger kids’ rooms. If you have just one child and you want a bit more sleeping surface to rely on then they are a good choice.


Full size is one of those sizes which are duplicated because of the differences in UK and US standards. The double bed and the full bed are generally the same. The only difference is the actual name.



It is one of the most commonly used by the majority of the customers. It measures 60 x 84 inches. Normally two people can sleep in this size.



If you are looking for a couple’s bed, this is the recommended size. Measuring 76 x 80 inches, it is the ideal solution for sleeping with your partner. It closes the necessary distance and you don’t have to rely on the motionless mattress for comfort.


California King

It’s one of the biggest sizes in the market unless you choose to go for custom solutions. It measures 72 x 84 inches, and it’s designed for really big master bedrooms. 


Unusual types of beds

Book beds

It is specifically intended to fix space-related issues by Japanese families. When it’s unfolded, it becomes a duvet with pillows, and could be used as a regular bed. When it’s closed, your kids can use it as a playing mat.

Rocking Bed

If you are fond of rocking sensation then this bed is most likely to appeal to you. It is based on a rounded wooden structure which resembles the one of a rocking chair. When you push it, the bed will start rocking.

Leto Zip

This bed would enable you to quickly zip up once you wake up. You won’t need to make your bed in the morning.