Gypsum Work


Gypsum Work At Risala

Looking for an affordable add-on to your decor? Risala Carpentry got your back. Gypsum work shines among the others for commercial and residential interiors due to its adaptive design, shiny surface, and inexpensive price range. At Risala, we provide you with a wide choice of brilliant and creative gypsum work ideas and designs to transform your interiors into a dreamy place. 

Risala Carpentry provides the best gypsum work across the UAE. Our products and services are constructive, fundamental, and long-lasting elements for the modern and traditional architecture to match your taste accordingly.


What are we offering?

We will be providing plenty of reasons you should switch to gypsum work and our services for your decor.

  • TV Unit: On your main wall, we may build niches for your entertainment system, TV, and décor components to transform your room into a fun and gorgeous place. TV units constructed of gypsum have made removing any element from the wall without destroying it much easier. It’s also excellent for concealing additional wire.
  • Wall and house decor: Strong Gypsum boards are ideal for walls and your entire home decoration in both artistic and geometric designs. They can improve the appeal of any décor. Our professionals can paint these walls in various hues to match your existing decor or even build an entirely new one as per your requirements.
  • Artificial ceiling: We also perform false ceiling installation. Gypsum boards are the finest choice for artificial ceiling projects due to their lightweight. Our gypsum boards come in various joints to ensure a smooth finish in any setting. Gypsum false ceilings are simple to install in comparison to other materials.
  • Room separator: A gypsum wall may be the most suitable option for clients who wish to divide their vast space into several sections. We can divide any region with the implementation of gypsum walls to use for multiple purposes with the team of our highly qualified professionals. 
  • Crown moulding and pilasters: Ornamental decorations, such as moulding, are best for larger homes. It will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your room, especially if it is designed in white.


What makes us different from others?

Risala is the leading furniture carpentry service across the UAE that serves clients with top-notch quality and maintained professional behaviour until the very last of our services. So, what makes us different? The answer is here.

  • Quality: The quality of the final result is the most important element to consider when selecting a gypsum work service. Of course, material quality is crucial, and compromising on it will impact the final product. This is the primary reason to use a professional gypsum work provider, as they have the necessary expertise and experience to organise the job properly.
  • Pricing and professional service: You can easily find our services at a reasonable price without any regret. While hiring professionals may appear to be costly, the result in design, styling, and quality that lasts longer than planned can cover all of it. You can always count on pricing flexibility when you work with us!

Risala furniture will provide you with the finest assistance in installing gypsum work and other carpenter services by only giving us a phone call.