Pergolas: Aesthetically Beautiful and Calming Leisure Spaces


Beautiful big homes have well crafted and functional spaces both in the interiors as well as the exteriors. Houses with landscaped exteriors are not only a visual treat but adept functionally for a variety of tasks. The focal point of landscaped exteriors generally is a structure called the pergola. It is a freestanding, outdoor structure consisting of columns or upright posts that support a network of roofing beams and rafters. 

These aesthetically appealing structures having a structured roof provide no impediment to air circulation as there are no walls. Though wooden pergolas do not have walls, drapes, curtains or lattice screens can ensure a good modicum of privacy.

wooden pergola 2

Pergolas are an attractive and relaxing space

Pergolas can be designed or custom made in multitudinous ways to suit one’s lifestyle and tastes. They are designed to complement the surroundings or to match the tasks envisaged by the homeowners. A pergola can be a space for relaxation or a cosy nook for readers. It can be an outdoor dining area or an installation to maximise the curb appeal of the house. Table settings, chaise lounges, sofas and even light, sound and water features can be implemented into a pergola. A heating system can be incorporated into the wooden pergola so that they can be enjoyed during the cold season too.

Many people choose to add latticework and planter boxes to enclose the roofing system, comprising heavy-duty extruded aluminium or wooden louvres. With a simple flick of the switch, the movement of the louvres can be controlled. The louvres can also be adjusted to an angle that gives control over more or less sunlight, more breeze or less, or even makes it rainproof.

wooden pergola 3

Tranquil and elegant pergolas 

Pergolas, in addition to potted plants, provide an expanded space for plants to thrive. The use of wooden lattices adjacent to columns or a series of upright wooden beams is ideal for entwining flowering vines. Climbing plants can be hung over the latticework of the outdoor structure to create extra shade, while hanging plant baskets can add lots of colour and foliage to the space. Notwithstanding the types of plants used, the wooden pergola will feel more calm and peaceful to guests. There’s nothing quite like turning the pergola into a live garden. Adorning a pergola with plants creates a tranquil and enchanting elegance.

Multifunctional use of pergola

The more definitive a purpose there is to this outdoor space, the more one will be able to make the most of it. The Pergolas are used as outdoor spaces to chill out with friends and family. When built near swimming pools, it makes the pool all the more alluring. They are often used as tranquil spaces where one can meditate too.

Pergolas are what we customise

Constructing a wooden pergola in the manicured surroundings of the house, like many other investments, ensures a higher financial return. Homeowners can take advantage of the relaxation and peacefulness provided by the pergolas while they live in the house. The construction of the wooden pergola enhances the curb appeal of the house. Furthermore being an additional aesthetically beautiful and functional space associated with the house- it increases the market value. 

Contact the experts for assistance in developing a smart, aesthetic, and customised wooden pergola, an outdoor space that can be enjoyed all year.