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Coming home to a comfy chair that would take off all your discomfort and uneasiness is why you need a recliner. Watching a movie or a football match with a popcorn box on a recliner chair feels like you are on clouds. Just like how Joey and Chandler (from FRIENDS) have one to themselves, it’s time for you to get your comfy buddy now. But before that, you should know these few things. 

Factors to consider before buying a recliner 

Before making any purchase, it’s logical to weigh the purchase on different parameters. To see if a furniture is an appropriate fit for your home, then consider these factors:

Cost:  Deciding to buy a recliner is not enough. The price associated with the furniture should be kept in mind before buying it. With the continuous increase in technology, the furniture industry has also advanced. 

Unlike regular chairs in the market, recliners are specially designed to provide superior comfort level, durability, and body support. A product packed with accessories and the latest technology would indeed be pricey. However, it’s not always the case.

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You will see that high-priced recliners come with high-quality features and added accessories. This makes the recliner heavier on budget. But there are affordable options in the market as well. 

Variants: Get ready to indulge yourself in the world of the recliner. Depending on their benefits and features, dozens of options are available in the market. Different types of recliners available are:

Push-back recliner

Two-position recliner

The Power lift

The Rocker

The Massage recliner

The Wall Hugger

Every individual’s needs are influenced by their style, aesthetic, lifestyle, and surroundings. A well-informed decision can be made when you recognize them.  For instance, The Rocker would be suitable for people having a tight budget or a parent whose child loves being rocked to sleep. 

Size of recliner: A recliner can be bulky and take up a huge space in your house. Depending on where you envision placing the furniture, you can choose a recliner. To understand it better, it would be advised to measure the area and compare it with your choice physically. Moreover, your body size also plays a prominent role while getting your dreams’ comfortable and snuggly recliner. This would allow your sore muscles to release all the pain and distress. Few options based on their size are:

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Small recliners: These would be apt for small size apartments. Petite people would enjoy this size the most as this would help their body reach all parts of the recliner like the hand rest and footrest.

Standard recliners: These are usually wide. These mid-size recliners are the most commonly available ones in the stores. Most people have an average body size, making it the most in-demand recliner.

Oversized recliner: Such recliner chairs are much bigger and bulkier in size. They take up a huge space in a room width-wise. Almost one to three feet of space against the wall would be needed when they recline.

List down the unavoidable features for your recliner and set an appropriate budget. Unlike sofas, where you have to share it with others, a recliner would only be for one person at a time. So HURRY UP and visit our store to buy your recliner chair.