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A Quick Guide To Sofa Upholstery

Setting up the interior of the house requires a lot of money. However, following furniture, we spend most on upholstery. Upholstery provides the padded textile over a chair, sofa, or headboards to provide more comfort. The sofa upholstery is best for a custom-made sofa, as a person can have comfortable seats of his choice. 

At Risala Carpentry, you can get designer sofa upholstery at affordable prices. We believe in customer satisfaction, and hence we never compromise with quality. We use the best quality fabric and leather available in the UAE. 

What makes our sofa upholstery different

  • Comfort level

We use premium quality fabric and leather to provide maximum comfort and durability to customers. We manufacture everything keeping your requirements and query in mind, and the final results will be as per your demands. However, this sofa’s upholstery is customised to provide maximum comfort to the person using it. 

  • Theme and patterns

We have a versatile design to upgrade the standard of living and give your sofa a deluxe impression. Our designers have selected prominent colours to go with every interior. Moreover, you can also choose the shape, size, theme, and prints from various ranges of patterns customised by our professionals.

  • Extra safety

Buying an expensive one is tough but preventing it from getting damaged is tougher. A family with kids is always prone to higher risk, what if the kid accidentally lit the sofa or spilled milk on the lounge? Moreover, a sofa can also catch fire by smoking activity or other incidents. But with our improvement in the fabric, you can customise your sofa upholstery to be fire-safe and waterproof and give maximum safety to your sofa.

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What is better, fabric or leather?

Generally, a person is confused about what to choose as sofa upholstery. Usually, fur, velvet, or polyester are categorised among fabric and leather as other materials for sofa upholstery. So here are some guides that help you select the most convenient fabric for your required outcome.

  • Weather

Fabrics are lightweight and compatible in any season. However, leather is warm, which makes it only preferable for winter. If you use a leather sofa, you also require sofa covers to make it comfortable in any season except winters. However, leather gives a more elegant and regal effect to the room. 

  • Durability

Fabrics can tear or burn easily. Although, leather is an easy solution for long-term use. However, leather isn’t budget-friendly and can be quite expensive on pockets, whereas the fabric is affordable compared to leather.


  • Cleaning

It is easier to clean leather upholstery if something accidentally spills on it. Whereas, if something spills on the fabric, it will be absorbed easily if the material is not waterproof. Although, it is difficult to remove stains from fabric.

Getting to the end

We are among the top-notch companies in UAE, providing premium interior and furniture at affordable prices. Risala Carpentry helps you build a new sitting area at home with remarkable patterns, design, and themes. However, we provide extra safety and security to your furniture without impressive fabrics. We aim to deliver customer satisfaction. Visit our site to know more.