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Sofa Trends – Bridgewater Sofa

Whether you are thinking of transforming your home or just adding that extra oomph factor, a handmade designer sofa can never go out of fashion. The plush homes in UAE are now opting for the Bridgewater sofa, also known as birch-arm or English three-seater sofa. At  Risala Carpentry, we can get it customised according to your taste and choice.

Our Bridgewater sofas are elegantly crafted for your living space. A simple and classic sofa, Bridgewater has a low profile and low arms that are set back from the frontmost part of the sofa and look well defined and edgy.


A Bridgewater sofa tends to look very casual yet comfortable when it comes to design. Our designers give a contemporary look to the Bridgewater sofa with an ample choice of upholstery to make it versatile design-wise. Highly functional design with arms that are straight or square to give you extra comfort while you chill with family and friends. 


The Bridgewater sofas have loose seats and back cushions, which are typically heavily padded to make lounging more comfortable. This makes them a great pick for those looking for adjustable firmness. Our Bridgewater sofa complements any decor, depending on how you choose to style the sofa.


Bridgewater sofas come with the latest features in sofa design. Unlike other sofas, a Bridgewater sofa typically has springs to make the seating more comfortable. The springs ensure that the sofas are in good shape and extremely comfy to relax. Our Bridgewater sofa comes with removable slipcovers, allowing you to wash the sofa’s covering periodically. 

Another amazing feature of the Bridgewater sofa is its skirt; the sofa is designed in a way that uses the skirt to conceal the sofa’s legs and feet. This typically gives the illusion of a leg sofa so that you can flaunt your seamless sofa from top to bottom. Our Bridgewater designs often contain three seat cushions or four cushions and can be easily customised as per requirement.


Our Bridgewater sofa comes with oodles of comfort to ensure you have a relaxed time sitting. With a softly-rolled back, low set-back arms, soft, padded loose cushions, and a distinctively tailored skirt that hides the legs, it is ideal for those looking to spend leisure moments with their loved ones. The Bridgewater provides the couch style you need where you can entertain guests without pretension while maintaining a contemporary, chic look of your living room or patio. 


What’s more? A Bridgewater sofa can be paired with a variety of chairs, ranging from classic armchairs to more modern and sleek slipper chairs, depending on the design scheme that one is going for.

Make your choice

At Risala Carpentry, we make sure to give your living room a comfy look with a sophisticated touch. For those of you who are stressed and confused about buying a new sofa, it all starts with choosing the right design partners. Risala Carpentry carefully defines the design of each sofa exclusively crafted for you. Visit our website to learn more.