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Dressing Table and Mirror

Dressing tables and mirrors are an integral part of your bedroom. A bedroom looks like a bedroom with few things, including a bed, wardrobe and dressing table, and mirror. You might not have a spacious home to make your bedroom look spacious and unique, but with these few things, your room will make a perfectly complete look.

At risalacarpentry.ae, we manufacture custom-made dressing tables with mirrors, and there is also a large variety of pre-made dressing tables available. We provide quality products with durability and long-life features. There are many options to choose from, and we make your orders in bulk and single quantity. So you can order in the quantity you require.

Here are a few benefits of buying custom made dressing tables and mirrors for your home.

Add to functionality:

A bed is the foremost thing needed in the room, but a dressing table and mirror add to the functionality and practical use of the place.  A stock-made dressing table comes in specific sizes and cabinets, but a customization feature allows you to add as many drawers as you need.

Add to the style:

A dressing table with a mirror means it adds to the style of your room. The mirror shines, adds glow to the room and makes your table look more attractive. A beautiful and unique customized dressing table along with a mirror makes your room look more stylish and attractive.

Store items:

It is not possible to store everything in your wardrobe. There are lots of things we need regularly, and it is hard to organize them in wardrobes. Cosmetics, perfumes, daily skincare items and a few of your jewelry items can be organized on the dressing table.

Safe and organize them on the table or keep them in the drawers. It is practically easy to reach those products daily and use them whenever you want. The added cabinets with locks help you keep your jewelry which you wear daily safe and approachable.

The room looks more tidy and organized:

With a dressing table properly organized and mirrors, your room looks tidier and organized. It offers a pleasant and beautiful clean look.

Aesthetic benefits:

A mirror along the dressing table adds to the aesthetic features of your room. You can add a little more style by organizing your cosmetics and perfumery on the table instead of keeping them inside the drawers. When someone visits the room, they will love your collection.

Make-up with comfort:

With a dressing table and mirror on it, you can make yourself more beautiful with comfort. Sit on the chair or stool and take all the time you need to enhance your beautiful features and rock the world with your stunning look.


A custom made dressing table is made with premium quality material, ensuring its durability and long life. You can also buy custom-made dressing tables and mirrors at economical prices.