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Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield sofas are the riding boots of the furniture world—they have British roots, are most famously available in rich brown leather, have been around for centuries yet continue to be relevant in both style and function, and are an object of modern era fascination, having been reinvented multiple times in the last few decades.

What aspects influence the quality of Chesterfield sofas?

Quality and reliability go hand in hand with a class reputation. The best Chesterfields have traditionally been handcrafted using only the finest wood, leather, and fabric available, and this high standard remains today.

At first glance, a high-quality Chesterfield and a low-cost Chesterfield may appear identical, but deeper inspection reveals significant variances. Furthermore, as you use a low-quality Chesterfield over time, you will undoubtedly notice the difference in craftsmanship. 

chesterfield sofa 2

Styling the Chesterfield sofa

Now that we know what goes with a Chesterfield sofa let’s look at several living rooms that include distinct sofa styles.   

  • When the Chesterfield sofa is the focal point of the room, we found some terrific decorating ideas that may inspire you to make similar changes in your own house.

It’s worth noting that the large coffee table complements the style of the side table in front of the window. The carpeting in this living room is also quite important.

  • The Chesterfield sofa is presented as the lone seat along one living room wall by this decorator. Two sets of high-top-end tables flank the sides. This addition adds symmetry to the room as a whole. 
  • The sofa is paired with a chair and love seat in the same style in this living room. The long coffee table in front of the sofa complements its sheer immensity, while the low-lying end tables provide a nice contrast to the high arms of the sofa.

chesterfield sofa 3

How can I know if my Chesterfield leather is genuine?

  • The odour test

Real leather has an identifiable odour that synthetic leather cannot replicate. If you detect a rich and familiar odour, you most likely have a sofa upholstered in genuine leather.

  • Examine the tag

Read Chesterfield’s manufacturer’s tag carefully. If it’s genuine leather, it’ll say full-grain, top-grain, or genuine. If it says it’s made of leatherette, faux leather, bonded leather, or blended leather, you’re looking at a sofa with a little percentage of real leather mixed in with synthetic materials.

How are Chesterfield couches comfy?

Chesterfield as we know it now evolved throughout the Victorian era, as we described before in this piece. The spring mechanism and luxuriant cushion padding combine to provide a very comfortable seat. 

People have sat on Chesterfield sofas in their living rooms for hundreds of years. Matching furniture to your Chesterfield is simple, as there are many different types of accent furniture available in this style.

While it is no longer a symbol of great class or social standing, the Chesterfield nonetheless adds a lush and opulent sense to any space it is placed in. 

Now that you know why Chesterfield sofas are so popular, it’s time to get your hands on one. Several websites like Risala Carpentry offer a variety of Chesterfield couches from which you can select based on your tastes.