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Furniture Upholstery – Questions You Should Ask Yourself

In the era of constant change and advancements, your furniture needs a spark too. It is time to think a bit deeper. Only the furniture size or colour is not enough. Buying furniture is a big and long-term investment. Hence, its durability, comfort, and style are important for its long survival. 

Upholstery – A basic meaning

The process of adding materials like padding, fabric, webbing, and spring to the furniture is known as upholstery. Furniture upholstery is done to enhance the furniture’s durability, appearance, and comfort. Basically, it’s the outer covering of furniture. New or custom-made furniture can be upholstered as you desire. Moreover, you can upgrade your old furniture with a new style and added padding. This is called reupholstery. 

How to select fabric for furniture upholstery?

With varieties of fabrics available in the market, it can become overwhelming to land on a decision. However, with these pointers, you can make this process much easier. Ask these questions to yourself:

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How will I use it?

The foremost question you need to ask yourself is how and where you will use the furniture? 

Let’s take an example. Suppose you plan to place your furniture in the living room where you or your family engages the most. Here, your priority would be durability and comfort. However, in a bedroom or a place where people reach only limited times, the style of furniture upholstery would likely matter. 

What are my budget limits?

Fixing a budget before deciding on a style or fabric would help you cut down unnecessary expenses. After understanding the scenario about how you’ll use the furniture, you can decide on the budget.

Several fabrics like wool, leather, silk, velvet, linen, etc., can be used for furniture upholstery. They all have a unique price range. For instance, silk would be expensive, and velvet would give an almost luxurious and royal feel at a lower price. 

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What style do I want?

The furniture’s appearance could be a priority for some people. Depending upon what vibe you are going for, you can select the fabric’s colour, texture, and type. Additionally, if you require certain accessories, they can be added too. People going with a luxurious vibe would lean towards silk or velvet. And for a rusty, bold, and earthy look, leather would be more in your alley. 

Certain types of upholstery are done for different requirements. They are residential upholstery, marine upholstery, and commercial upholstery. Based on your choices, choose a style that would fit your lifestyle.


What about kids and pets?

This is a mandatory question if you have a child or a pet at your house. If your answer is yes, performance fabric like linen is the best. Kids or pets can destroy your sofas and chair’s upholstery. Hence stain-resistant and durable fabrics are needed. Linen is capable of easily removing stains and enduring rough usage. Their ability to remain crisp and not rough or over stiff makes it an ideal option.

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