Most furniture-making shops would suggest you buy new furniture from their collection every time you’re planning to renovate your house, but we at don’t do that. Instead, we ask our customers to exhibit the concept of re-upholstery i.e. no need for new furniture, simply throw in different fabrics and styles onto your old one. This is far more economical than buying a whole new furniture set. Furthermore, it is environmentally safe and prevents wastage. 

Being re-upholstery professionals will primarily assist you to choose your desired materials, fabric (further deciding its color, texture, and pattern), cushion thickness and structure, and some custom features to help you acquire multi-purpose furniture pieces. 

The process

The process is quite simple. We will begin by removing the fabric and the padding. Next, we will repair or replace the springs. We will also check for structural issues, if the foundation is not stable we will repair it and if it is perfectly fine we will simply furnish it. And then finally, we would put in the new fabric onto your furniture. 

Is re-upholstery right for your piece?

Older furniture is vintage! It is one reason why so many antique stores exist because they know that the old furniture had better quality and no manufacturer makes anything like it anymore in today’s world.  So, before you dump that chair or sofa, think twice! You will have something new and trendy but it will not be a long-term investment. 

We often have sentimental attachment to the furniture pieces and even if they have gone bad, we still want to keep them. For example, mold or exposure to smoke can easily be rendered, and reupholstering could be a quick fix. No matter if the arms and legs of your furniture are made with metal or wood and a mold is set on them that too is fixable with reupholstering. This way you can bring your creativity and imagination into life and not end up with mass-produced stuff sitting at your home. 

Traditional reupholster is an amazing investment. Utilizing horse hair and manufacturing stitched canvas cushions might take a long time and could also be a super expensive business, but this investment is worth it.  These can even last for about 20 years, think about not worrying about changing around for that long!

It is the best solution to your old furniture. It is not only pocket-friendly but it gives you a chance to play around with fabrics, color combination and schemes, and by the end of the day you are going to feel it as new as ever. So why get into the complications of hunting for a whole new furniture set when everything is imagined in your mind?

Why Choose Us ?

We at provide re-upholstery for everything including cushions, sofas, living and dining room chairs, couches. We can even make anti fire upholstery. We also provide doorstep delivery and installation all across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We are a major money saver since our quotation includes charges for pickup and drop off.