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Upholstered Beds – It’s Time To Make Your Sleep Extra Luxurious

We know you don’t like to compromise when it comes to comfort. A bed is where we start and end our day. So, it has to be perfect. Our upholstered beds will cater to all your needs and present you with a masterpiece. 

Upholstered beds are covered with an outer layer of textile that covers the padding. They perfectly align with the modern sensibility with their texture, colours, and enhanced comfort will elevate the look of your house. 

Types of fabrics used for upholstered beds

Upholstered beds are padded to provide extra softness and cosiness. For your upholstered bed, you can choose any fabric of your choice. Varieties of choices are available, and a few are in a natural category.

  • Cotton: It’s the cheapest, most durable, and widely popular textile choice. Its breathable fabric will provide you with the desired comfort at an affordable price. However, this fabric requires maintenance as it has the potential to get stained and fade colour with time easily.
  • Silk: Silk is one of the most luxurious and expensive materials that are generally optimal for luxurious bedrooms. Silk appears classy and elegant; however, it can be tough to maintain. Houses with pets or toddlers should avoid this fabric for their upholstered beds. upholstered beds 2
  • Leather: If you prefer a fabric with high durability with low maintenance, leather can be your ideal choice. Leather is comparatively more resistant to scratches, stains, and debris, hence can be easily cleaned. It gives a bold and masculine appearance to the space.
  • Velvet: Like silk, velvet feels luxurious but more durable and is more stain-resistant. This plushy and soft material is a popular upholstery fabric used for upholstered beds because of its dense and thick texture.
  • Linen: Another affordable option in the upholstery category is linen. The fabric is durable and highly absorbent. This is why linen is very comfortable, and it dries rapidly. The one drawback of linen is its nature to get easily stained and wrinkled.
  • Wool: It is an ideal option for places that experience low temperatures. Since wool is soft and warm, it would be a perfect companion for your upholstered bed. Wool is extremely durable and stain-resistant, hence it doesn’t need much care.

Above all they are natural fabrics. However, some synthetic fabrics like polyester, acrylic, polypropylene, and rayon can be used for upholstered beds. 

upholstered beds

What makes us unique?

Our upholstered beds are widely popular, and there are reasons why. Based on the pointers below, you can decide if they align with your preference. 

Soft aesthetic: These padded beds bring cosiness and softness to the bedroom. Adding them to a room with a lot of woods would make it less stark.

Varieties in fabrics: With the choice of fabric, you can completely transform its look. You can create a centrepiece by giving attention to the headboard, or it can be easily blended with the room’s aesthetics. 

Comfort: These upholstered beds allow the beds to retain heat. The headboard provides support and keeps the pillows in place. The warm space would give you a peaceful sleep. 

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