Mattresses- A Solution of Your Back

So you weren’t able to sleep well last night? And have finally concluded it’s because of your mattress being old or sagging a little from the middle? Well, you’re right, the key to a good night’s sleep is the right mattress, and to find out which one will suit you better, we  have jotted down a list of eight best quality mattresses to help you decide.

  1. Memory Foam

Provides great support and comfort, especially if you’re a side sleeper. It’s popular for gradually conforming to your body while you sleep and giving shoulder and hip support if sleeping sideways. It contours to your body, allowing you to feel partially surrounded and supported by the mattress.

  1. Gel

In smart gel mattresses, the gel is added to the upholstery layer, which helps dissipate your body heat more effectively unlike the memory foam. So it’s subjective to the needs of the consumer.

  1. Pillow Tops

Side sleepers who choose not to go with memory foam or gel might go with the pillow-top mattresses. Pillow tops are an extra layer to the upholstery that can be added to your mattresses to give you a “sinking” feeling, which allows your hip and shoulder to “sink” into the pillow top and keep your back comfortable. The level of softness for your pillow can be chosen by you. 

  1. Innerspring

Innerspring mattresses consist of metal springs for internal support. The number of coils and spring shapes in the design determines the quality of internal support the mattress can give you while the distribution of it determines how well it’ll conform to your body. This can be the perfect choice for back, side, and tummy sleepers. 

  1. Water Bed

Water bed mattresses use water as the main support system and are best suited for back sleepers. It consists of a rectangular chamber of water, padded with upholstery material, such as foam or fibers. In free-flow, nothing blocks the water from moving while in a waveless waterbed, fibers limit the water’s movement. It’s completely up to the amount of support and flexibility you want.

  1. Air Bed

Similar to waterbeds, an air bed consists of a chamber filled with air as the primary support. The air chamber is padded with foam or fiber upholstery. It gives you the adjustment facility as well, allowing you to adjust the mattress. These are best suited for a couple with different firmness needs and back sleepers.

  1. Adjustable Bases

Adjustable base mattresses are one of a kind as they are the most flexible types of mattresses, providing relief and support wherever you need it. The base is adjustable, so you can elevate the head or raise your feet according to your comfort. They are best suited for targeting sleep-related problems such as muscle aches, back pain, acid reflux, heartburn, sleep apnea, and more.

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