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Storage Accessories- Accessorize Your Space 

In this time of Urbanisation, many housing authorities have emerged, creating smaller houses to help accommodate almost everyone to use up the limited space. Smaller houses welcome storage issues, which is why storage accessories have been designed to help people. Here is a list of storage accessories that we can provide you at

Drawer Organizers 

Rather than throwing everything into a drawer, you can buy drawer organizers with mini sized compartments enough for small things that you find hard to look for in a cluttered drawer. Keys, chargers, socks, belts, etc. can be stored amazingly here.

Six pocket hanging wardrobe organizer 

You don’t have enough space to put in a cupboard? No worries! This wardrobe organizer will keep all your purses, stoles, and accessories well stored. 

Vicloon broom and mop organizer 

Do you struggle with mops falling  on your feet? Then, this product is your thing as it includes strong hooks to perfectly hold your mops or brooms so that you can prevent them from falling off. 

Faux leather desk organizer 

Do you ever stare into space as you look for a pencil on your desk wondering where did you throw it? Then, buy this! It has got all the compartments that probably lie around your desk haphazardly.

Bedside pocket

If you don’t have enough space for side tables in your bedroom, then this could be a wise investment. Remotes, books, glassers, keys, chargers, etc. can be put in it

Set of 6 drawer organiser trays 

These drawers are the best storage compartments. Makeup, vegetables, groceries, kid’s toys, etc. everything can be stored within.  

Habitat wire wall shelving 

If you don’t have enough space on the floor, you can buy these and install them on the walls to store much of your stuff. 

Vacuum storage bags with USB electric pump 

Seasonal changes in weather can be tough when it comes to editing your wardrobe worrying about the space. This is why these are so soothing and best for people with OCD, where they can put everything into a pack and vacuum out the possible air from it and make it a space-friendly storage.

Retractable drawer organiser 

It is definitely the best selling item! Small fridges often have limited space. Therefore, you can buy these and hang them up on a slab and store your fruits, vegetables, chocolates, etc. without worrying at all.

Shelf mug holder 

Just below your cabinets you can hang these mug holders to easily access your mugs.

Tile top kitchen trolley

This trolley is rated best amongst our customers as it is a real space saver! It holds cutlery, spices, beverages, plates, etc. 

Like-It stacking boxes 

These are mini boxes combined into a square or a rectangle. It is perfect for your shoes or bags as it helps to retain their shape.

Extendable corner shower caddy 

If your shower cabin does not have racks then this is your product. It has attached racks on the shower where you can hold your shampoo or soaps.

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