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Track Arm Sofa

Sofas are undeniably the favourite and most used spot in our homes. If you are single, it’s your comfortable resting place, and if you live with family, your kids would have most likely grown up on it. If you have pets, then the story is denser. Even in a workplace, its importance doesn’t diminish. It’s like an anchor piece around which every decoration and placement is arranged. It is more or less a reflection of your taste and kind of the most visible part of your interior. 

You must have understood why people go frenzy looking for the perfect sofa. But only a few of them know about its different styles and their respective advantages. However, those who know are often inclined towards getting a track-arm sofa. 

What is a track-arm sofa? 

A track-arm sofa is a sofa with straight arms without a roll, thus combining the traditional sofa designs with modern contemporary themes. It is straight from bottom to top and with arms looking like an inverted L from the side. But why is it so popular? There are multiple reasons for track-arm sofas dominating the market.


Space saver: The sofa can fit into smaller areas and corners due to its no-curve approach. It consumes less space than other alternatives, hence not making your place look congested or stuffed. You can use this space for something else. 

Versatile: A track-arm sofa goes well with every environment, professional or home. Due to its elegant look it can be the centrepiece of your office, and the comfort of leaning against it. Its classy appeal makes it an ideal fit for your home as well. 

Supports pillows: With track-arm sofas, you are not forced to use accent pillows only as their refined design can easily support pillows from the back. It gives you the option to add fun pillows to your decor. 

Have you already decided to get a track arm sofa? But wondering how to find the right one that suits your needs the most. You are not alone. Many buyers fail to get the right arm length, sitting area, or design. How about getting yours custom-made instead of forcing yourself to adjust with those limited choices? Risala Carpentry can help you out with this. 

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Why Risala Carpentry?

Our team of experts has been in the business for a long time and is experienced in meeting the clients’ needs. We can give you recommendations. We proudly boast the quality of our products, which is much sturdier than other mass-produced items, thus saving you the trouble of unnecessary hassle of mending and repairs. Our furniture is not only eye-appealing and aesthetic, but it is also very durable. Our carpenters are trained well enough to work long hours so that you can own your dream furniture as soon as possible.

We know that budget is the main deciding factor, so we try to provide the best deal to buy a sofa that won’t be too hard on your pockets. So don’t hesitate anymore. Reach out to Risala Carpentry and get a quote for your best piece of furniture.