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Custom Chairs 

A chair is the most basic furniture that all of us require. Whether for your work hour or your leisurely purpose, a chair gives you the much-needed posture and comfort. The design for a chair, initially, was very simple. The designers focused on symmetry to make this a useful daily life equipment. The designers started using various tools to give this chair a beautiful look as time passed. Today, the design and the comfort of the chairs have evolved enormously. Whatever the creators can make the user demands. 

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Various kinds of chairs 

  • Armchair: This is the most common type of chair. One can find this type of chair in every house and every workplace. These chairs come with a customizable seat. They provide the user with a comfortable and relaxed posture for his work. These chairs can also be used as dining chairs or as office chairs.
  • Recliner: Recliners have the extreme level of comfort that one can imagine. Being spacious and huge, they provide the user with enough space to relax. At Risala Carpentry, these are available in various colours and fabrics. Our designers have also mastered the art of designing the recliner with a camouflage theme. The customer can express his choice to us, and we will customise the best recliner that suits him. 
  • Round chairs: The traditional box-shaped chairs are no longer in trend. Designer chairs that are as comfortable as the basic model are finding their way into the mainstream. So is the case with the round chairs

Round chairs have a radius greater than ordinary chairs. It thus has room enough for the person to lie partially. The pop colours in these chairs make them look a thousand times better. However, the customer is free to design the chair as per his needs and choice. A large variety of fabrics and colours are available on this type of chair.

  • Patio chairs: Patio chairs are the most budget-friendly chairs available in the market. They prove to be very useful in providing seating for a large gathering. They are available in metallic and plastic bodies. The metallic chairs are durable enough to last many seasons. They are made of metal and thus can be used roughly.

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Why choose us? 

Risala Carpentry has been serving its customers for years now and has proved its mettle in the field by providing excellent carpentry service. The following are some of the reasons why our existing customers choose us:

  • Making our dream furniture a reality.
  • Maintaining the quality of work at minimal prices.
  • Redesigning old furniture and giving it a new look.
  • Applying innovation to the furniture makes your surroundings a better place to be.
  • Usage of latest tools in all the work.

We aim to provide maximum satisfaction to all our customers, and we believe that we have been doing justice to all our customers’ requirements. The quality of our products and the innovativeness of our crew will never fail to amaze you. You can contact us through calls at (056) 600 9626 or email us at