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Custom Made Dressing Room

Custom made dressing rooms have been trending rapidly. What was formerly considered a luxury for the wealthy and affluent has evolved into a personal sanctuary that any householder can enjoy. Clothing, including fitted pieces, a comprehensive shoe collection, headgear, and accessories, are all the important parts to complete and accent outfits for every occasion. Such attires can only be stored in these opulent chambers. A dressing room is perfect for organising such items and can give the impression of extravagance and decadence while offering all of the necessary closet storage.

At Risala Carpentry, your dream of having your custom-made dressing room could be true. We offer not only high-quality professional service but also reasonable prices.

Why is a custom made dressing room a must? 

Customised options for your dressing room provide various creative options to maintain your home without much struggle. At Risala Carpentry, we do the same, assisting you in choosing and selecting while following your approval and even adding on to it. 


Wide range of options available

Surprisingly, homeowners are converting little portions of their bedrooms and the passageways to their bedrooms into usable dressing areas, with the addition of effective room dividers for privacy and isolation. Working with a closet designer to sketch out the concept adds clarity to the project while also considering storage requirements and optimal arrangement.  

Make your home more aesthetic

Having a customised dressing room, whether you live in a tiny house or have a larger room in a larger house, helps create a sense of appeal. We understand the basic requirements for a dressing room, so we will assist you in filling it. We assist our customers in crafting a cupboard and a dressing table with storage. From the quality of the wood to the finishing we provide for your dressing room, we assure you.

Options not limited to master bedrooms

A custom made dressing room can bring flavour and flair to the master suite, and the homeowner can use it as an incentive to personalise their space in unique ways. The master bedroom is no longer the only place where these rooms may be found. 

Many individuals have been drawn to the idea of turning an extra bedroom into a dressing room closet styled after a large walk-in closet with everything a creative mind can dream up, from built-in drawers to islands and chandeliers. Dressing room trends allow for various qualities, such as adding glitter and sparkle with vibrant colours, glass, and crystal, or creating depth with mirrors, deep hues, and texture.

Dressing-room 2

Why Risala Carpentry? 

Reasons to choose us for your customised dressing room;

High-quality wood

Employing our рrоfessiоnаl саrрentry services will provide you with options that are appropriate for your style and budget. The wood itself has so many different types to meet your requirements. If you employ our services, our professional carpenters will be able to assist with the quality of woods that goes best together.

Reasonable pricing

Resorting to our services will be cost-effective. Our experienced professionals will help you configure your home with a customised dressing room and install it at a reasonable price.

Contact Risala Carpentry to have your custom-made dressing room and other carpentry services. It is always recommended to employ reputed carpenters who have confidence and expertise in the work.